December 8, 2011

the magnificent flowercrown rabbit 
once reigned supreme in the enchanted kingdom of flufftasia

but their whimsied powers of reflective hearing 
and growing prismatic wildflower tiaras atop their furry heads
were no match for our steel traps and quick leaden slugs
and one by one their numbers dwindled

marigold (above) was the last of her kind
a fearsome warrior trained in the ruthless art of combat 
and though she fought the good fight
hopping on as many poachers as she could
and nibbling on their jugulars
in the end, she, too, was reduced to a taxidermied bust on the wall

some creatures are just too precious for this world
which is why we preserve them for you



Vajarra said...

I actually want this, maybe for $16.80 :)

sarcelle said...

Oh god that made me so sad.