December 6, 2011

hootie :: 2

hootie had led a successful prison break
from that antiquated wire hell they called a bird cage
but big blue got greedy
as he always did
and fell for the ole poisoned sugar-lump routine

a tragic end to a tragic life


db said...

no way blue was gonna make it on the outside, anyway. hootie knew it. knew it all too well. prison was the only world that made any sense to big blue and if the sugar hadn't killed him, he'd have done himself in.

hootie understood that "life imprisonment" was a prophecy, not a sentence.

but speckles couldn't leave a fallen comrade behind. prison loyalties run deep.

Anonymous said...

@ db ~ Yer killing me here! Hilarious.

Holly said...

Love your hootie series! I do not understand the obsession Anthropologie has with owls and birds.