October 31, 2012

the etherial ghosts of your shattered glassware
linger on in a spiritual limbo
between the afterlife
and the duringlife

a phantasmic trace
a spine-chilling memory
a 10-piece set with punch bowl and ladle


October 30, 2012

pointelle roses, delicate latticework, and enchanted forest-dweller embroidery
encourage trick-or-treating, scary story telling, and screaming
under the blood moon


October 27, 2012

skin of snake and foot of crow
create a green malicious glow
an evil hex, a wretched lotion
a swirling whirling hellish potion


October 23, 2012

our honey-sweet microdress
will cause quite the buzz
at your sorority halloween party


October 22, 2012

The Room of Misfit Chairs
a little offbeat
a little quirky
but lovable all the same

these chairs 
with charmingly unnecessary knobs
and inexplicably mismatched legs
are the perfect way to celebrate difference

October 17, 2012

the citrus/gourd basket
- dropped -

a deplorable faux pas
by our supple, three-pronged, featherswift broom

sweep your gaffes away


October 12, 2012

hootie :: 8

Hootie tolerated the perpetual novelty flicking of his light switch "nipples"
but it was the cliched "hooters" pun that wearied him so

October 9, 2012

match our tie-died strappy cover-up
with loofah wedges
for the perfect outdoor shower


October 8, 2012

Malformed Cardboard Box
flatter your living room wall
with a lumpy, urine-stained
alley-cat shelter


October 5, 2012

capturing the essence
of your favorite retro arcade classic
this pixelated terracotta mosiac table
will perfectly compliment any patio
or 1980s pizza joint


October 4, 2012

maggi had heard the stories
of the so-called "vengeance unicorn"
living in the woods
stalking its human prey
and goring them to ruin
- one after another -
with its singular merciless horn

but she was "too old" to believe in fairy tales . . .

October 1, 2012

all new design features a 6" curvaceous screen
ultralight tin body
tethering to other tinPhones
laser-textured grip
9-way chatting
condensed soup storage

the biggest thing to happen to tinPhone since tinPhone

with 2-year contract