July 30, 2012

what better way to present the ashen remains of your lamented relative
than hung within an ancient egyptian dung beetle artifact?
under the protective spell of the solar diety Khepri
your loved one will be encouraged 
with sweet notions of creation and rebirth


July 26, 2012

a tasteful amalgamation of flora and fauna
this mild-weather warmer screams:
welcome to the junglegarden


also available in zebradaisy

July 23, 2012

deeply tufted with matching buttons
this richly hued sofette 
cradles your guitar in sumptuous leather


July 20, 2012

known for their low, ragamuffinly status
living in desperately sad and appallingly filthy conditions
and begging for scraps of food just to stay alive
will simply adore this embroidered top!

from afar
as they could never afford such an extravagance 


July 16, 2012

ever the diva
madison insisted upon
dressing up for even her therapy sessions

July 13, 2012

inspired by her vivid animal-centric dreams
and her bloodlust to kill these whimsied creatures
and mount their heads on the wall
in a grotesque display of man's dominance over nature,
visionary/huntsman zoe williams invented a dreamport
to transport the objects of her dreams 
into her waking life
(and vice versa, if necessary)

behold her massacre


July 12, 2012

a circa-1900 union jack
cleverly re-imagined into a blanket
by adding a border to it

contemporary nostalgia


July 5, 2012

in charlotte's defense
the clarinetist was playing
the bill withers' classic: "lean on me"

July 3, 2012

Anthroparodie Étiquette #132

when hosting a family member after a surgery,
ensure their bed rest is as comfortable as possible
by providing clean linens,
natural sunlight,
and a playful whisper of fresh cut flowers