September 26, 2012

September 21, 2012

Secret Agent Kit
disguise-grade makeup
vial containing secret antidote
SuperSpy® strangle cord*
spool for proper SuperSpy® strangle cord storage
x-ray glasses
6 passports with alternate IDs and countries of origin
skeleton keys
cyanide "Lifesavers"
smoke-emitting diversion
telescoping pocket-blowgun


*pictured in Treachery Red
other colors available upon request

September 20, 2012

designed by the elusive Satin Bowerbird
this tanglesome weave
spruced up with an assortment of glimmering blue trifles
is a nest to impress


September 12, 2012

the portrait of mom had been rendered to perfection

capturing even her disapproval of the shab-chic torn wallpaper

September 11, 2012

conceal your missile or spacecraft
in this cotton-linen veil
embellished with subtle sequins
and chainstitched embroidery


September 6, 2012

when it comes to fall farm equipment
our chunky, cozy baler
will take you back to your simpler days
growing up on the farm
drinking hot spiced cider 
and watching dad
operating the ole hay-thrasher


September 4, 2012

step right up, canaries and lovebirds
to the Birdhouse of Mirrors!

what trip to the carnival would be complete
without a quest of skill and courage
as you navigate the mysterious twists and reflective turns
within the Birdhouse of Mirrors!

come one come all
to the Birdhouse of Mirrors!