January 31, 2012

handcrafted in the tiny Latvian village of Bulimija
our waist-hugging skinnybraid leather belt 
quells your ravenous appetite
to appear 20-30 lbs lighter 
and gives you that gaunt, skeletal self-image 
you have been starving for


January 27, 2012

all it took was a splash of holy water
to confirm their deepest fears

January 26, 2012

easy to use and reliable
these tropical-toned rocket heels
practically guarantee that you will catch
whatever dream you are chasing


January 25, 2012

this adorably offbeat picnicwear
will have you and your 'colony' marching one by one
in style

prepare to be fiercely 'stung'
by this cheeky new look!


and now you can blend in with your walls!


January 24, 2012

we have combined some of favorite motifs:

ambiguously steam punk victorian ruffles
slinky mesh texturing
creamy pastels of yesteryear
vague notions of a dystopian future
espresso-toned suede
the bold and unforgivable 1980s
and the Jetsons

into a cacophonous exhibition
of surrealist colorblockery


January 23, 2012

prix fixe :: course 4

a mosaic of crunchy hues
glazed in a ginger-lime infused crème anglaise
form a deliciously modern re-imagining 
of a childhood breakfast favorite


January 20, 2012

nothing like a gruesome depiction of a beheading
to spice up sunday brunch!


January 19, 2012

perfect for climbing hundreds of cobbled stairs
these festive heels were built for comfort
and designed with more grit
than the rugged terrain they dominate


January 18, 2012

knowing that any complaint of copyright infringement is punishable under SOPA 
sadie enjoyed what could very well be the last of her freedom

and prayed to the beachy coastal gods of california
that you contact your representative HERE
and voice your concerns

January 17, 2012

disguised to look like a men's jacket
this rom-com inspired umbrella will turn any rained-out date
into a memorable story you can tell your grandchildren
and single friends

may also be chivalrously tossed over a puddle 


umbrella may cause laughing
holding hands
looking into one another's eyes
and falling into deep, eternal love

January 16, 2012

Vintage Theater Shoe Caddy
inspired by sticky movie theater floors
so coated in alternating layers of cola and artificial popcorn butter
that you can't even lift your feet


January 15, 2012

packing an unprecedented 7 whimsies per square inch
this vibrant color collage has it all

magical shimmering gypsy coins
lucky citrus-toned pom poms
enchanted indigenous pattern embroidery
imported fabrics from the lost isle atlantis
and a forbidden zipper


January 13, 2012

are you tired of your pesky silverware
always dripping with unsightly, wet moisture?

you want your silverware to dry
but when you towel it off
your towel gets wet
and then you have to dry off your towel

vigorously shaking the silverware works okay
but then EVERYTHING gets wet with flecks of tiresome dew
and your arms get tired 
from all that shaking

there has to be a better way

well now there is.
with Anthroparodie's Silverware Drying Rack

simple and easy to use
all you have to do is hang your antique or vintage silverware 
on our patented "dry-hook" system
wait several seconds 
and look at that!
dry as a bone!

now, you love silverware
but you HATE when it gets wet
with water
with soup
with milk from your morning cereal
well you can kiss those days of saturation goodbye!
with Silverware Drying Rack

users agree:
"it's so versatile!  it even works on serving spoons!"

"cleaning up after my dinner parties used to be a nightmare
but now it's a cinch!"

"my silverware has never been so dry!"




if you order Silverware Drying Rack in the next 15 minutes 
we will throw in a SECOND drying rack 

for only 

and this one is unique
this one is special
this one...

is for teacups !

you heard correctly




not in stores
10 year limited warranty
beware of imitators

January 12, 2012

from funky urban hobo
to blaxploitation pimp
this whimsically haute rumble 
of drapey stripes and knitten zigzaggery
climbs the socioeconomic street-class ladder


January 11, 2012

so unique is this dysmorphic, melting top
it is practically a museum piece
too special to be worn

and, like a fine museum piece,
we guarantee it will 


January 10, 2012

hootie :: 5

unlike the other owls
-eyes wide with fear-
hootie knew how to keep his cool in a police lineup

January 9, 2012

"F" is for
fabulously flouncy fur

me want 100% cookie-fed, free-range muppet hide!


January 6, 2012

Lifelike Paper Doll
swap madison's outfit every day 
as her slightly awkward position refuses to waiver

outfits include



January 5, 2012

hypopigmented skin macules
and a kaleidoscope of lesions
come together in a scintillating play of tone and color


January 4, 2012

with her bag of rolls tied to the aspen tree
and her buttoned ankle warmers secured
emileigh was ready for some good ole fashioned mushroom stomping !

January 3, 2012

like the crucifix that reminds us of sin and sacrifice
wearing ironically terrible, ill-fitting clothing from the 1980s 
with heinous shapes and dated colors
reminds us of a dark and wretched time period
that we are grateful is over

though it will haunt us forever


January 2, 2012

prix fixe :: course 3

rich, silken crème fraîche
encompassed in decadent pastried cacao
besieged in a marsh of chewy mallow 
and blanketed in a mosaic of tinted coconut confetti

$14 / sno ball

available in:
kyoto matcha latte
mangue jasmin isle
pétale de rose reverie
lavande-bleuet storm

January 1, 2012

so indecipherable was the ransom note
that even the great Sherlock Holmes threw up his arms in frustration