June 28, 2012

our sunshiny linen-tencil pair are certain to catch the eye of everyone
including predators 
hiding out in the bushes
and leering 
leering at your shimmery xanadu clutch
leering at your effortless skirted shell
leering at your rotary dial necklace

leering at your insouciant gait
as free as a sea-swept breeze

leering at you 


June 20, 2012

salvaged from the greasy ruins of an oil platform
and still boasting the haunted flicker of a thousand lonely nights offshore
a weathered beacon sheds light for roughnecks
and grizzled roustabouts  


June 18, 2012

June 13, 2012

some say playing piano with your feet is the ultimate musical achievement
flapdoodle balderdash we say 
our new pianist peep-toes
give your feet the nimble dexterity of a virtuoso

you'll never play piano with your hands again
you'll never need to


June 7, 2012

a romantic haze of bleached white petals
surround your verdant jumble of juniper


June 6, 2012

the only way her hair could compete 
was to form a massive tidal wave
and destroy it