May 24, 2012

fluid coils of space-plasma
and thread-tangled slices of rare mooncrystal 
loop and circle together
in a garish sci-fi carcanet

tentacle-crafted by intergalactic designer Emperor Xorbov


May 22, 2012

calypso waves lap at the side of a truly buoyant slumbervessel
as you float under infinite twinkling stars

prepare for the wettest dreams you'll ever have


May 15, 2012

behold my nefarious power, mortals
and tremble before your vengeful sea goddess!
or i shall lift the ocean waves skyward
and release them upon you!


May 11, 2012

drips of hand-splattered paint
give this dupery the realistic suggestion
of having been used by an artist


May 9, 2012

May 7, 2012

Having not been fed for weeks
the malabata pouch had no other choice but to eat its own 
pompommed, tasseled, embroidered zipper

May 4, 2012

Lauded for his ability to destroy household objects
and sell them for exorbitant amounts of money,
acclaimed grifter Pierre Zinfandel's one-of-a-kind pieces
lend "vintage-meets-post-apocalyptic" appeal to every space.
With its side brutally and irreparably smashed in, 
this nostalgic radiator is an unexpected mix
of industrialism and garbage.


May 2, 2012

glistening like a desert mirage
our festive aquatic circus tent
enables you to bring your seatalent with you
on all your many travels