August 21, 2012

prix fixe :: course 6

Half Pitaya
potpourri-dusted dragonfruit semi-ellipsoid
with twine-wrapped rose boutons
inverted misfit spoon
and stainless floralware
lightly garnished with ethically traded moss tips


August 15, 2012

she may have studied dance at juilliard
but somehow elsa continued to struggle
with the macarena

August 8, 2012

Lilac Ruffled Sleeping Bag
the fresh woodland air 
the rustic sounds of nature
the sky above 
- twinkling with a million glittery stars -

nothing like a camping trip
to escape the material world


wrought iron tent sold separately

August 6, 2012

explore the inkiest shadows
of the darkest caverns
with our powerful 350-lumen headflower


August 1, 2012

Spool Sample
our threadbare hickory spools
antiquated to the extent
that they won't function in any modern sewing machine
are the perfect garnish for your purely decorative "sewing nook"