November 29, 2012

whether you are a film enthusiast or a cobbler
our niche lamps will surely brighten up your day!

$498 / lamp

November 28, 2012

November 21, 2012

marissa knew the only way to truly appreciate a forest etching
was to close her eyes tight and pretend she was there

November 16, 2012

they kicked up dust
they ran with all their might
but the wild horses could not escape
from the 70s fashion statement that enslaved them


November 14, 2012

it was a whimsical idea
- wallpapering the exterior of their cottage -
but ultimately the peeling failure was a monument
to their hapless bohemian spirit

November 13, 2012

yes, your blanket keeps you warm
but how does your blanket stay warm?
it doesn't
not without a sweater glued to it


November 12, 2012

activate sparkle thrusters
engage flashing doohickey
increase whirligig to 11
ignite thingamabob distributer
and prepare for unbridled, intoxicating, 
and earth-shattering whimsy