April 30, 2012

fire up your glowing charm bracelet
and swaddle your tresses in a silky mind-altering turban

for it is time to rave like a bohemian


April 27, 2012

the pruned palette moccasins may have received last place in the pageant
but emileigh still wore them with pride

April 26, 2012

a classic 1970s discosphere
deconstructed, analyzed, and re-assembled
into an abstract representation of itself


April 25, 2012

ingeniously crafted for the thirsty wanderer
these upright pacing twigs are rustically entwined 
with translucent vintage watervessels

quench ahoy!

$68 / set of 4

April 17, 2012

a super-modern chef chic apron
printed with a dappling of starshine and a spritz of pink lemonade
protects your ever important right side from kitchen splashes and spills


April 16, 2012

as she casually "rested her hand" on maggie's shoulder
her fingers working their subtle, frisky magic
evelyn realized that her once-lofty goal of getting to first base with a coworker
was just minutes away

April 11, 2012

the mullet of skirts
this half-long, half-short fauxwrap
proves to be a suitable design
for the whimsically asymmetrical bird enthusiast


April 9, 2012

for those who are inexplicably, incandescently, head-over-heels in-
of writing in cursive 


April 5, 2012

as her guests lied awkwardly in their assigned seats
struggling with their quiche and confused to the point of embarrassment

Izzy realized that "topsy-turvy brunch" was not one of her better brunch themes

April 3, 2012

trifocals can be difficult to use and just plain insufficient
but our pre-loved cat-eye strand of hexafocals
prove to be the perfect solution 
for your finicky princess eyes


lenses not included