December 14, 2011

our beyond-vintage, oregon trailesque gown
will take you back to a simpler time
before antibiotics and electricity
a time when bonnets were en vogue
and horses were transportation

jump in your conestoga wagon
and cruise the west in sepia style



blackbird said...

- hold the dysentery

db said...

we have modernized this classic look by allowing you to flaunt your bare, sexy shoulders

drive pioneers, ranchers, and polygamists wild

Amy said...

Your extra comments are hysterical - I'm always sure to look for them!

And man, that's one sad sack of a "sexy pilgrim" dress. Sarah plain and tall indeed.

db said...

It's the perfect dress for hand-churning things.

Skylar said...

I love it! It's as functional as it is stylish. I wear mine for barn raisings and witch burnings.

Skylar said...

¡Precaución: Lavado a mano sobre tabla de lavar sólo!

Caution: handwash on a washboard only!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I think it needs a big scarlet "A" on the chest.