November 30, 2011


do you often feel fatigued and run-down?

have you lost interest in activities and hobbies that you used to enjoy?

do you feel listless or dissatisfied with your life?

is the persisting emptiness sometimes too much to bear?

if you answered yes to any or all of these questions
you - like over 20 million bohemians - may suffer from depression

but we may be able to help

the anthro-depressant card
works to correct your mood imbalance
with 10% instant savings
and five personal sale days per year

it gives you the benefit of itemized, easy-to-read statements that you can pay online
whilst shopping for an open air kimono cardigan 
haberdasher moleskin trousers
and a snow crystal hullabaloo dolly skirt

the anthro-depressant card may not be for everyone

people taking MAOIs or pimozide should not sign up 
for our low interest card
which was developed by angels in heaven 
to solve all of your problems,
save you thousands of dollars per year,
and make you pretty

side effect may include shopaholism, debt
and hating yourself for spending money you don't have


Anonymous said...

I love your site! You must parody this next--$200 for a 4 yr-old's attempt at knitting a necklace?

beingFab said...

This was awesome!!!