November 22, 2011

in the left corner:
weighing in at 1,500 kilograms
this ruthless seafaring brute
packs a 30-meter piercing tusk of unbridled fury
whimsical?  perhaps
murderous? unequivocally

in the right corner:
double the bunnies
double the savagery
they may romp and scamper
in the company of bright blossoming tulips
but theirs is a dangerous game of misdirection 
and sudden death 

when ferocious predators battle in the ultimate showdown
who will win?

$298 / ringside ticket


Amy said...

BAHAHHAHA! Go Narwhal!

Presently said...

Bunny rotisserie!
Yum. ^_^

BAHAHHAHA! Go Narwhal!