November 12, 2011

Dating Abroad Service
looking for that special cultured someone?
with a sexy accent, rich customs, and - if you're lucky - an interesting hat?
look no further than anthroparodie's dating abroad service
for a true love connection

after answering a series of increasingly personal and alienating questions
we develop a character profile for you
then we locate a compatible match from a faraway land,
bribe him with farm equipment
or false promises of dowry
or a tunic
(whatever it takes, really)
and arrange a romantic adventure to meet him in his home country

get ready for your very own
happily ever after

$389 / month
airfare not included


Scot said...

You gotta love the rice bowls as hats!
Do you think the customers mind being called "broads"?

Holly said...

Do you think the ladies feel mislead about the gentlemen's height? Surely they put 6 ft.+ required on their dating profiles.

db said...

I imagine the cultural gentlemen are familiar with the metric system exclusively.