February 16, 2012

Valencia Noose
inspired by america's rich history of capital punishment
our noose is hand-crafted with top-notch spanish leather
that threads through a rustic brass ringbuckle

with the Valencia Noose
you can hang a few notches above the rest



Doodle Bean said...

What a well-timed post!! You are really taking advantage of the post-Valentine's letdown quite effectively!!

db said...

Originally, this WAS the valentine's day post. And there was a line like, "what better way to quell one's loneliness on everyone's favorite day of the year?"

It seemed a little dark, and I feel like I'm already struggling to not alienate all my readers.

Doodle Bean said...

I suppose that was a little dark. But don't worry about alienating people since you write so well!

I suspect you are the next Molly Erdman (Cataloge Living))!

Jenny Blackford said...

You're not alienating this lurker. Anthroparodie is a little ray of (dark) sunshine in my day.

OTOH, I have just failed more CAPCHAs than I ever have before. I'm SURE some of them were right. Maybe your commenters are being discouraged.