February 24, 2012

One more thing . . .

teaming up with our favorite consumer electronics company
- the apple of our digital eye -
we decided that white was no longer ostentatious enough

we wanted something more valiant
something shinier
something that was even more of a status symbol

it had to be gold



NonnyMus said...

Ooooohhhhh!! And it coils "musically" around your wrist!! That must be worth at least $58 bucks right there!!

Anonymous said...

And it can be worn as a fashionable Egyptian armlet when not being used in the ears! How practical!

NonnyMus said...

It's "golden" and not "gold", Anonymous! Only the base metals are authentic enough for Anthropologie!!

monaschmona said...

I lost my favorite pair of earphones three months ago and they kinda look like this, only pink, not gold. I will cry until I get dehydrated if they were turned into this useless monstrosity.

db said...

losing his daughter to his golden curse was one thing
but the earbuds were the final straw for King Midas