February 27, 2012

assembled by a true artist
whose genius you cannot possibly comprehend
this accumulation of wooded scraps 
- significant in that they had something to do with the production of tobacco -
have been repurposed to perfection
 with a tangle of elegant pepto cord
giving it that DIY bohocharm
at an anthropological price



NonnyMus said...

The hangman's knot is a suitable touch...

it arouses ethnic thoughts of death by Bismuth Subsalicylate!

Do you figure the artistically draped cords are glued to the sticks or do you have to do that bit yourself?

NonnyMus said...

Look! There's a matching something by the same "artist"!! Collect the set, kiddies!

Holly said...

I can't decide which is more jaw dropping - your description, or the fact that this is an actual item for sale. Sometimes Anthro just makes it too easy for you!

Amy said...

The best part is that, for this price, the bulbs aren't even included.


This reminds me of summer camp, where I attempted, as unsuccessfully as this artist, to make macrame crafts and dream catchers.

marjzilla said...

it looks like there are holes drilled in the wood that the cord runs through. although it seems like 'artistically draped cords' should be a bonus feature, same as light bulbs.

blackbird said...

Sometimes this crappe just writes itself.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Marionette Starter Kit

Anonymous said...

is assembly required?

NonnyMus said...


Anthropologie doesn't say if assembly is required (and Anthroparodie refuses to tell me no matter how many times I waterboard it!)

Anthropologie says it's "hardwired for professional installation", so I think that means you have your hipster electrician adjust the draping of cords after she wires the mess into the ceiling.

Anthropologie also claims the fixtures are "Bakelite" and they are clearly not. Bakelite was a thermoset plastic produced before WWII and it is way after WWII!!

NonnyMus said...
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NonnyMus said...

Amy, I'm sure Anthropologie will sell repurposed light bulbs for the chandelier... only $28 for a set of two*!!

*The price is a bargain considering it includes a whimsicle** description and 'creative' photography!

**Yes, I mean whimsicle!!

Unknown said...

It never ceases to amaze me that these items are really for sale.

Has Anthropologie ever threatened you or given you a hard time? (sorry if this question was asked and answered, I sort of forgot about this blog for a bit and just came back!)

evr said...

i cannot. stop. laughing.