February 8, 2012

witness our fancy-free assemblage of rumpled, floaty garments,
designer leather carryalls to hold your creative tools,
and splotched template-wedges for contemporary floorpainting

we have designed an exclusive collection for the artist in you
(that MAY NOT be returned if splotched with paint)
as you create moody, intellectual expressions
 on the expansive glass walls of your studio

you must resemble a masterpiece
before you can create one


Doodle Bean said...

Wow! I thought you were joking, of course, but there is actual video of all those things on the Anthropologie site.

I'm speechless.

Well, except to say. "Well done, indeed, Anthroparodie"!

Amy said...

Huh. I guess we've the decadent baroque, and chopines are back in fashion...
Our culture is headed for a ridiculously decadent turn I think!


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Frida Kahlo is doing a good job balancing that little pine tree on her head.