February 6, 2012

the ouroboros of mammals
this adorable creature 
represents the perpetual cyclic renewal of life
as it gnaws itself to death



Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Put a jingle bell in the tail and keep your cat occupied for hours of fun!

Amy said...

Damn you're clever. This is quite an amusing description and an impressive reference from Antiquity!

NonnyMus said...

Dear Anthroparodie,

Ouroboros was a serpent swallowing its own tail, not a weird spotted creature biting itself on the butt!

No! It's not good enough to try and weasel out of it all by using terms such as "inspired" and "mammals". I am greatly disappointed!!

I thought I told you to cancel my subscription some time ago! Please do so now!


Col. Nonny T.I. Mus, ret.

evr said...

"as it gnaws itself to death" - I have died again.