February 28, 2012

hootie :: 7

- a self proclaimed master of hedonism - 
liked to unwind after a long day 
by indulging in some raspberries, licorice, and tea
puffing away on his favorite pipe
and (of course) polishing his knife collection


Doodle Bean said...

Mmmmmmmm! Fresh figs!

Anonymous said...

H--OWL he relax with the fruits and tea?

NonnyMus said...

Of course he has to polish his knives and take a moment to unwind before he clears the table and douses the tablecloth with lots of bleach!! That ain't raspberry juice in the upper left hand corner, you know...

really, some activities can take quite a bit out of a feathered chap!

Anonymous said...

An owl smoking a pipe?? Anthropologie is becoming a parody of itself.