February 22, 2012

whimsy up your room 
with a flirtatiously suggestive remnant
of our softly feminine paeonia wallpaper 


actual remnant may vary


NonnyMus said...

I like the tragedy inherent in this photo -- those hapless hipsters tried wallpapering an exterior wall, the silly fools!

db said...

I adore you, Nonny

NonnyMus said...

Awwww, shucks!!

NonnyMus said...

Y'know, db, you could do more than a week of entries about stupid Anthropologie wallpaper photos -- most of which seem to have the theme of, "what do you mean I need to use wallpaper paste?"

The "Dreamscape Mural" even has a chair being ceremoniously inserted into its coffin, complete with ritual offering of coffee!