February 13, 2012

nothing says "i love you"
like a wobbly porcelain disk
with a ghastly, photoshopped ribbon heart



NonnyMus said...

But it's "oximately 12" diameter" and comes "with a damp cloth"!! Surely that counts for something!!


db said...

"Oximately" is Bohemian for "approximately."

NonnyMus said...

But... but... but... what is "henware"?!?!?

db said...

Nonny, I don't even have a clever answer for you. Nothing about this product makes any sense. While I appreciate and encourage your quest for knowledge and understanding, I think all we can do is accept this $500 decorative plate for the absurd piece of garbage that it is.


PS. While I'm speaking candidly, thank you for understanding and eloquently explaining my Ultraslimming Belt post. You were spot on.

Amy said...

I agree about the belt comments, And the "this plate is garbage" comments.

marjzilla said...

wow, that's really $498? i want to meet everyone who buys this thing and slap them upside the head.

evr said...

if I recieved this as a gift, it would be grounds for divorce