February 15, 2012

our latest shade of tangerine
falls on the anthro-color spectrum
between dreamy cornflower-blue and wet-cement
epitomizing the tart and lively summer hue
that we all adore


Hannah said...

Well spotted sir!

Anonymous said...

That skirt is "tangerine forgotten in the bottom of the crisper for six months".

NonnyMus said...

No! No! The skirt's stripes are a very, very, very dark tangerine...


The same shade of tangerineish is shown on the 'Fourth Course Knob", which I am going to buy immediately since the first three courses of knobs weren't that filling!!

Doodle Bean said...

LOL! They must have some color-blind photo editor who has never heard of cornflowers and who has a deep-seated belief that wet cement is orange colored!