October 25, 2011

Translucent Pink Door
add a dash of whimsy to your home
with a mesmerizing gossamer door
a precious, hand-drawn dead bolt keeps you safe 
within your self-contained wonderland


a disclaimer:
your house may become drafty, as the door is made of pure chiffon
so be sure to wear a woolsome stitchy topper to ward off the blustery wind

Woolsome Stitchy Topper
tackle even the nippiest conditions
with flouncing snow-white tassels that dangle adorably
like the ears of a long-extinct magical creature



Amy said...

I wonder if those magical creatures went extinct because people made woolsome hats out of them...

worth it. adorable.

Noellesfood said...

very, very, funny. reminds me a little of where I live... Cambridge, MA. Everyone takes themselves a little too seriously here