October 20, 2011

Leather Aquaboots
appropriate in any terrain
these minnow-stompers are as dark as the ocean floor 
as tough as a crocodile
and they were made for roughing it
just like you



MadMerlin said...

DB! - Not sure if you are taking requests, but there are a couple of pgs still in Sept 2011 that are begging...
pg.11 - Hint "help wanted" "well water distributor"
pg.24-26 - Hint "Crumbling Socialism inspired Parade Float" "Aspiring to a Republic State Parade Float"
pg.30 "No frills Home for the Holidays", "A Visit waaaay up the Family Tree branch - and a date with your fifth cousin, twice removed" LOLOLOL I "crack den" msyelf up. Love your stuff.

- Hint "foreign exchange program" "

db said...

Thanks, MadMerlin. I'll see what I can do!