March 13, 2012

for ages, fishing has failed to achieve its chic, elitist potential
and ponchos
well, don't even get us started
but today we have united them
into an unprecedented amalgamation

our native american inspired chevron streaked virgin-wool cape
makes fishing the new tennis
ponchos . . .
the new pea coats



NonnyMus said...

Now you've done it, Anthroparodie!!

Undoubtably because of your mockery, Anthropologie no longer sells this item which worked so well to seamlessly integrate religion into fashion for under $400!!

I hope you are proud of yourself, young lady/man!!

Anonymous said...

Nonny mus
the developer of this blog is most definately a guy........

Amy said...

Like the poncho, Anthroparodie's Sarcasm knows no gender boundaries.