March 15, 2012

prix fixe :: course 5

Cabbage with Assorted Garnish
our raw master chef Jacque Escroquerie 
has created a culinary triumph
with a rustic head of the purest savoy cabbage
so pure! it requires neither seasoning nor preparation
garnished with a spirited gallimaufry of jungle bugs
languished radishes - inverted to perfection
a pallid jug of indescribable potation
and a single egg, resting on its side

for dessert:
a dangling sandal of chocolate
a dangling sandal of butterscotch
side by side



little rosy runabout said...

I wish I knew how to leave the gif of Orson Wells clapping, because this post has earned it. Sadly, you'll just have to imagine it.

NonnyMus said...

Well, now we know where chloe's shoes went at least.

Amy said...

So excited for Anthroparodie's grocery line! who knew sustenance could be so stylish?

claire said...

sorry....that's savoy cabbage....i can't help it....sorry....

db said...

Thanks, Claire! No need to apologize.

Julie S said...

Ahahaha! Great stuff. I actually framed one of the pages from that particular Anthro shoot - involving a fruit bowl and some shoes or bags - it is part of our living room gallery wall and it cracks my husband up.

evr said...

"for dessert:
a dangling sandal" --- I died