March 29, 2012

designed by norwegian symbolist Edvard Munch
our agonized teavessel represents emotional distortion,
démodé gender roles,
and hypersexualized depersonalization
while exploring the teapot's ever-changing roll 
in today's desaturated post-kitchen



NonnyMus said...

The one review for it, from the only purchaser of it reads thusly,

"This piece is fabulous! I LOVE IT! The pictures on the website do not do it justice, the colors are much richer and vibrant. The subtleties in the color and the way the piece twists and bends are just amazing!

I bought the entire collection in the store intending to give them as gifts, and I can’t part with this one. It will make a fantastic centerpiece at my holiday party. All of my girlfriends will be jealous!"

Such a combination of tweeness and oneupmanship is truly rare. Thank you for bringing it all about, Anthropologie!

And thanks for bringing this post-kitchen monstrosity to my attention, Anthroparodie!

You do realize the title of the piece is "Proboscis", implying that only green tea which has had thickening agents added should be served from it!!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Before I read the description I was certain that it was an homage to the Wicked Witch Of The West..."I'm melting, melting,melting"

Holly said...

Something about this says "Pinocchio" to me as well.... but I love your Munch reference.