April 25, 2012

ingeniously crafted for the thirsty wanderer
these upright pacing twigs are rustically entwined 
with translucent vintage watervessels

quench ahoy!

$68 / set of 4


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

May also be used for poking thirsty critters who come after your Gatorade.

Holly said...

Anthroparodie, I am sure you have been off in exotic locales sourcing ever-more boho-chic apparel and home accessories, but please don't leave us hanging for so long! A week without Anthroparodie is a sad one.

Doodle Bean said...

What Holly said.

Also, Anthropologie writes this, "...we think these repurposed-bottle-and-twig posts are perfect for creating the ambiance at an outdoor wedding..."

First of all, the ambiance?! There's not more than one?

Second, they think wrongly!

marjzilla said...

This is seriously some shit they would have come up with for "Etsy or regretsy" over at http://www.regretsy.com/.

If you pay $68 for these things, you deserve to be hit upside the head with one.

Amy said...

Also useful for keeping holy water handy whilst staking vampires.

NonnyMus2 said...

Translucent is the new transparent!