April 9, 2012

for those who are inexplicably, incandescently, head-over-heels in-
of writing in cursive 



Doodle Bean said...

That's funny, I read it as "Jove".

What?? People could still worshipping those ol' Roman gods!

If there were such people, I'm sure they'd be Anthropoligians, by Jove!!

NonnyMus said...

Far more uncostly than even the most quotidian alloy is something that Anthropologie, in all its boho zeitgeist, simply calls "metal".

Here is a special example of unique art made of that 'metal'.

Enjoy its eye-watering, jaw-dropping orangeness, the go to Spencer Gifts for more special examples of 'metal' jewelry!!

Doodle Bean said...

"Metal" is goldish! The necklace is a brass and goldish "Jove" necklace!