January 13, 2012

are you tired of your pesky silverware
always dripping with unsightly, wet moisture?

you want your silverware to dry
but when you towel it off
your towel gets wet
and then you have to dry off your towel

vigorously shaking the silverware works okay
but then EVERYTHING gets wet with flecks of tiresome dew
and your arms get tired 
from all that shaking

there has to be a better way

well now there is.
with Anthroparodie's Silverware Drying Rack

simple and easy to use
all you have to do is hang your antique or vintage silverware 
on our patented "dry-hook" system
wait several seconds 
and look at that!
dry as a bone!

now, you love silverware
but you HATE when it gets wet
with water
with soup
with milk from your morning cereal
well you can kiss those days of saturation goodbye!
with Silverware Drying Rack

users agree:
"it's so versatile!  it even works on serving spoons!"

"cleaning up after my dinner parties used to be a nightmare
but now it's a cinch!"

"my silverware has never been so dry!"




if you order Silverware Drying Rack in the next 15 minutes 
we will throw in a SECOND drying rack 

for only 

and this one is unique
this one is special
this one...

is for teacups !

you heard correctly




not in stores
10 year limited warranty
beware of imitators


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I would like the bathroom version to dry those drippy toothbrushes.

db said...

Sounds like you are interested in completing the dryfecta

FreelanceMuses said...

this blog has become the highlight of each day. ...and I have a pretty interesting life, so that means this blog is REALLY phenomenal!!

evr said...

"my silverware has never been so dry!"

just amazing.