January 23, 2012

prix fixe :: course 4

a mosaic of crunchy hues
glazed in a ginger-lime infused crème anglaise
form a deliciously modern re-imagining 
of a childhood breakfast favorite



Kelly said...

Hilarious site, but you just lost some credibility. They're not selling the rediculou fruit loops cake, but the printed paper behind it. D'oh!

db said...

Thank you for drawing attention to the grievous inventory error we made. As indicated by our brand name, credibility means everything to us - Everything - and I assure you, we have made the necessary precautions (firing the vast majority of our copywriting staff) to ensure that such mistakes will be avoided in the future.


Anonymous said...


I am greatly gratified to see that you have taken serious action to rectify your error in parodic judgement. I most certainly wouldn't have been able to live with myself if you hadn't!!

Kudos to Kelly to point out that parody -- and indeed humor -- can only be done one way... the correct way!

You keep on creating, Kelly, and keep on policing, too! It makes me laugh and laugh.

Kelly said...

Oh, anonymous commenter: My mistake for sounding harsh. I, too, was using humor, but of course I could never dream to match the sarcasm that drips from your snarky words. At least db has a sense of humor!

NonnyMus said...

"Drips" is such a great word! Drips, drips, drippy drips!!

It's also one of those words which loses all meaning when you say it over and over again.

Drips, drips, drips, drips, drips, drips, drips, drips, drips, drips, drips!