January 26, 2012

easy to use and reliable
these tropical-toned rocket heels
practically guarantee that you will catch
whatever dream you are chasing



Anonymous said...

You'll be able to catch low-flying aircraft and birds, also!

Scot said...

I so jealous! Do they come in men's styles?
Also, when that bitch comes down someody needs to tell her - not with that shirt!
Acme for Wiley Coyote or Judy Jetson?

db said...

Scot, while I appreciate your enthusiasm and the fact that you are presumably the only male reader who follows this blog, every time you use the word "bitch" in a derogatory, gratuitous, and (quite frankly) non-hilarious manner, you get a strike. So far you have two strikes (not including the comment of yours that I had to delete - which was inappropriate enough that it should have counted for three strikes). Because I am benevolent and I do like the idea of people commenting, I will give you two more strikes. That is four strikes total. In sports, you only get three strikes. See what I mean? Benevolent.

Use your strikes wisely.


PS. if you can use the word "bitch" in a way that is clever and funny enough that it makes me laugh, it will not count as a strike. If you make such an attempt and fail to the extent that it double-offends me, it will count as a double-strike.

PPS. it's "Wile E. Coyote"