May 24, 2012

fluid coils of space-plasma
and thread-tangled slices of rare mooncrystal 
loop and circle together
in a garish sci-fi carcanet

tentacle-crafted by intergalactic designer Emperor Xorbov



Doodle Bean said...
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Doodle Bean said...

Well, at least it's made of a higher quality metal than their usual necklaces!

Anonymous said...

Glows in the dark, too. Fashionable and trashionable.

Amy said...

Ew. I think the only time this necklace would be apropos would be at a trekkie rave.

amanda said...

HA! Genius...fu**ing genius. I'm actually a fan of anthro, but if they continue to sell Emperor Xorbov's designs--esp for $535!!!!--I do believe I'll be taking my business elsewhere.