May 29, 2013

if a tree falls in a forest
and no one is around to hear it
does it make a sound?

with dual speakers and full iProduct compatibility 
this one certainly does!


March 29, 2013

sprinkle crystalline sea minerals
from a romanian-blown borosilicate glass vessel

$70 each

March 14, 2013

add a jolt of encyclopedia volumes to this robust table
and watch its unwavering ironclad frame eschrew resistance


March 11, 2013

when your greco-roman garden statue
or twin entrance lions
demand a little pizzazz


January 28, 2013

muted mocha tones give this fabled fowl
a deceptively modest veneer


December 3, 2012

a rare vintage newspaper
printed on a sun-faded papyrus
has been precisely folded and creased
into a memory of how phones used to be